Chile: Anarchic/nihilistic comrade arrested for hooded riots


Translated by Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras
Anarchic comrade Sergio Alvarez was arrested on Wednesday, July 15 in the context of clashes between police and hooded people who came out from an university in the city of Santiago. After being beaten and spent the night on a police station, he was taken to a judge and paraded as a trophy to the journalistic carrion´s cameras. At that time, walking with his head up and guarded by police, he shouted out loud: “The war continues, long live anarchy!”
After being formalized for possession of incendiary device, disorder and aggression against the police, a judge decided to leave him in total house arrest for three months, during investigation.
However, following an appeal by the prosecution, Sergio had to enter this Wednesday, July 27 to “Santiago 1″ prison.
The arrest of Sergio occurs in a context of other arrests of young people accused of participating in other riots. Sergio´s posture is not about “young student victim of a montage”, but he is positioned as an anarchic/anti authoritarian individual in confrontation with power and the roles imposed by their social order.
To learn more directly from his situation you can write to the following e-mail, in which you can leave words and greetings that will be transmitted to Sergio: laguerracontinua[at]
We share the words of our comrade Sergio Alvarez and we call for rebel solidarity in action against silence and immobility.

Words from comrade Sergio Alvarez:
Well, I was always complicated on beginning, but this is not precisely one …
On Wednesday, July 15, I was arrested in the context of street fighting at the University of Chile. Rather than talk about what contributed to my arrest or about judicial update (there will be time for that later), I feel that is more important to clarify my positions, which I will keep as clear as the moment I shouted loud and clear when the scavengers of the press tried to make a good camera shot with the new trophy in which I had become.
I’m not a victim, I will not talk about “montage” forgetting as a repentant the blinking and heat of clashes. I am neither someone who fights for improvements /reforms to make bearable the existence within this system, nor I will claim myself as student or worker. I am an anarchic individual who seeks for confrontation against those who holds, represents and defends Authority and any manifestation of their domination over everything in my life and the life of my brothers/sisters, with the eternal desire to expropriate my life, to nurture myself individually and collectively in antagonism to resignation and citizen submission.
For now no more to say, within the maelstrom of my thoughts, feelings and sensations. With all my affection and love to all comrades, waiting to meet you soon again.

Sergio Alvarez.

Anarchist, anti-authoritarian and occasionally nihilistic prisoner.
Santiago 1 Prison

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