THESSALONIKI – SABOTAGE- On the night between the 19th and 20th of May 2015


Responsibility Claim
 We see a generalized attempt at disorientation concerning the identity of the enemy. The Greek State needs, especially after the socio-political restructuring the government called crisis, to promote as the sole enemy a foreign, abstract and distant one (ECB, TROIKA, IMF, GERMANY etc.) in order to more effectively control domestic social tensions, aimed at social peace, consent and the strengthening of national identity.
 It simultaneously unleashes a witch hunt, targeting “dangerous immigrants” or even more “dangerous criminal terrorists”.
 The change of government and passage from the whip to the carrot does not affect the capitalist system, leaving the relation between oppressors and oppressed untouched. We know that the capitalist system controls political authority, just as we know that alternating government is part of a strategy that aims at the strengthening of capital itself.
 For us the need to re-define the enemy is imperative. The media rhetoric must not fool us, on the contrary we must always know who and where the enemy is, because the better we get to know it, study it and seek its destruction, the less unreachable and invincible it will be.

 Therefore, we define as enemies the State and capital (whether domestic or foreign). For us IMF, TROIKA, ECB and such organizations are simply the products of the big root problem called capitalism.

 Going from words to actions, on the night between the 19th and 20th of May, armed with simple super glue and pieces of thin cardboard or tin from soda cans, we sabotaged 28 ATMs in areas of wider Thessaloniki, thus blocking some clogs of the rotten exploitation system.


Translated by Act for freedom now! boubourAs

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