Common struggles of locals and migrants for a world of freedom, equality and solidarity
“The fight has only one way. The way of fighting against the daily exploitation and the walls of racism, struggling for the legalisation of all migrants without any conditions required, for equal rights among local and foreign workers, for a life with values and dignity are the next steps. Together with the antiracist and pro-migrants movement, we will go through this difficult but only road, the road of struggle.”
Extract from the final text of the hunger strike of 300 migrants
(March 2011)
The letter you are holding in your hands is a minimum mean of communication and expression of our solidarity. We are “Musaferat”, a group of people in Mytilene against detention centres for migrants and refugees, against the exploitation and the enclosure of those driven away from their countries to seek freedom and security in Europe. We are not a charity group or an NGO, neither we have nothing to do with the Greek State and its mediums. We are against any form of dominance and form our own word and actions.
We examine the conditions which have driven you as well as many others to leave from your homeplaces. Civil wars, military interventions of NATO and Europe to Asia and Africa, looting of natural resources by the “civilised West”, that lead to poverty, misery and fleeing. The same states who are responsible for all those, at the same time they create the so-called “Fortress Europe” which is trying to keep migrants across the borders. The same states who together with the modern human smugglers are responsible for the thousands of migrants that are drowned in shipwrecks across the seas of Europe, for the enclosure of thousands of people in concentration camps, for the modern slavery in fields, factories, houses and brothels.
We are not going to make suggestions or give you advice for the continuation of the difficult trip you have ahead of you. We are sure you know what to expect and even more certainly you will have to live from close by what Fortress Europe means. From our side there is only one proposal; the only road to freedom that you seek, passes by from the struggles that we are giving ourselves. Nobody is going to save us if we ourselves do not rise up, like the examples that other migrants gave as in several occasions at the past. If you ask, you will hear about the struggle of 300 migrants that moved on a hunger strike some years ago demanding legal documents, for the struggles of some Egyptian fishermen in Thessaloniki and of that of some workers in strawberry fields in Peloponese against the conditions they were encountering, for the struggles that locals and migrants gave and managed to close the previous detention camp on the island where you currently are, etc
We are writing to you this letter to let you know that there are people here who count themselves on an equal position with you, because the enemies we both have are common: The bosses who steal our lives, the states who keep us submissive for the interests of “the above”, racism, fascism, xenophobia, the border, the war…
In all these, we respond with common struggles of locals and migrants for a world of freedom, equality and solidarity.

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