Halkidiki, Greece – Two comrades locked up awaiting deportation following their refusal to have their fingerprints taken


Updates from Skouries, Halkidiki:
When things turn bad for the State…
In these times when lands are being increasingly exploited in the name of the profit of those who occupy the higher ranks of capitalist society, several struggles self-organized from below have developed to oppose projects of devastation.
For years the struggle against the gold mine in Skouries has seen the testing of new technologies of control and repression, such as DNA samples also taken with force, restriction measures such as obligation to keep a distance of at least 4 kilometres form the yard site, and the raid carried out by MAT in the village of Ierissos in the spring of 2013.
On 23rd August a demo was held on the mountains of Skouries with determined and numerous people trying to get close to the yard site defended by hundreds of men in uniform. At the end of the demo a coach that had just started off to the camping in Ierissos was stopped by the forces of order, who once again confirmed their role by pinning a demonstrator to the ground and breaking his leg with truncheons. Then we 78 people who were there were taken to the police station; 74 were released after being photographed, having their fingerprints taken and being notified charges of participation in violent protest.
As 4 of us refused to have our fingerprints taken, and 2 also their personal details, we were kept under arrest until the summary trial on the following day.

The 23rd August day of resistance on the mountains of Skouries was one of the episodes of struggle that call the plans of the bosses and multinationals into question, as the latter get rich while destroying the territory; this kind of plans are so vitally important to capitalism that anyone making resistance from below is punished strongly and decidedly.
Similarly the state shows its iron fist to those who rebel against control society, for example by refusing to have fingerprints and DNA samples taken.

It is in this context that the summary sentence of today 24th August is included, as the judge gave us 17-month suspended sentence, while the two imprisoned comrades were sentenced to18 months in prison; subsequently the police added request for deportation and prohibition from entering the area for all 4.
We decided not to have our fingerprints taken because we oppose the control that the system wants to impose on us nor do we want to comply with its control procedures.
We struggle against the system that orders the deportation of those who are not useful to its goals as well as those who don’t submit their lives to capital and its rules.
Solidarity with all those who struggle and those who are locked up on the borders or anywhere else awaiting deportation.
Let’s the episodes of rebellion and resistance multiply anywhere.
Two anarchist comrades, police station of Polygyros, 24th August 2015
Translated by act for freedom now

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