México: ATM Sabotage in Torreón


es.contrainfo.espiv_.netfiles2015091-1024x768-318e4ec736800075cdf8eff8c193be628a816623-980x600On August 30th, we sabotaged with paint an ATM bank, “Bancomer,” in response to the “International Week in solidarity with anarchist prisoners,” and also to commemorate the black memory of our comrade Sebastian. This act was performed also to the surprised looks of passers-by; before the futility of “the bodies of order.” This street is the most guarded by dogs of the state, not only by the steady pace of patrols from both police and military, but also from the presence of security guards from ITESM.
Ever so rabidly do we act; an act that demonstrates our hatred for their money, their economy, their social order … to their civilization. This act was not to protest any “improvement” for the “people.” This action was carried out by anarchic individuals in anti-social solidarity and complicity with our comrades in affinity who are kidnapped by the state; to bring the anarchic idea to it’s ultimate conclusion. Forward comrades, destroy all prisons! We will burn your civilization!
A strong embrace of solidarity to the companion Tamara Farias, vengeance arrived!
Comrade Sebastian Oversluij presente …!
Freedom for all anarchist prisoners
The ongoing war …
For anarchy!
Incinderary Cell for Earth Liberation-FAI / FRI
From Contra-Info
(rough English translation by It’s Going Down, see full Spanish version below). 

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