Toulouse: Thirty parking metres vandalized – France


horodateur-degradeWednesday, August 26 2015
During the night of Monday to Tuesday, thirty newly installed new generation parking metres were vandalized in the Saint Michel and Jardin des Plantes areas. […] The authors of this or raid attacked the new devices by introducing expanding polyurethane foam which hardens on drying, into the slot for introducing coins and the card reader, with the aid of a spray. Impairments that render these devices completely inoperative. Suddenly it is impossible to register illegal parking in these areas as drivers cannot obtain a ticket.
A completely new action in Toulouse according to Didier CABANIE of Force Ouvrière union of the municipal police. Out of order, these devices will have to be repaired or replaced. Besides the loss for the city, the cost of restoring ticket machines promises to be high for the town hall and thus for the taxpayer.
by Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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