Trieste, Italy – April 2015 – Gathering in solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in Greece


Translated by act for freedom now
 VIA:  it.contrainfo
 This morning a banner was unfolded and leaflets were handed out outside the Greek consulate in Trieste in solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned in Greece:
Each and every day on the TV news we hear about the economic crisis in Greece, but hardly do we hear about the determined response against austerity policies and all the various governments, which have been trying to make the medicine taste sweet with their ‘democracy’, so as to keep social peace, and if necessary they have also presented themselves as reformist leftists like Syriza did, and in fact they came to power.

But there are those who don’t deal with the theatre of politics by voting or accepting ‘the lesser evil’; instead they choose the Struggle and put their own lives and freedom at stake. Against them and others who really try to attack the established order, the State unveils its dictatorial nature and brings back vindictive and authoritarian methods (for example, by making comrade Spiros Dravilas ‘commit suicide’ during his arrest on 20th May 2015: the same method employed with Pedro in 1985 in Trieste).
We are here today outside the Greek consulate precisely to denounce the repressive and vindictive methods set up…
against the families of our comrades, besides striking the latter, as the mother of two imprisoned anarchists (Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos) and the girlfriend of the latter were arrested. Several imprisoned anarchists, including the Tsakalos brothers, responded to this State revenge with hunger strike (supported outside the prison by solidarity through incendiary attacks, occupations, sabotages, demos, gatherings, clashes and unexpected events). The hunger strike was suspended on the 32nd day after the kidnapped family members were released.
… Against the possibility for anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos to study in prison; in December Nikos had gone on hunger strike for 31 days and eventually had been granted study leave outside the prison by the Greek authorities, which only a few months later reneged on the promise and denied him study leave once again.
… Against the health and dignity of the prisoners, through harsh law bills, old ones and new ones alike, which once again were met with the hunger strike of the Collective of Prisoners on Struggle (Dak) from 2nd March to 18th April, who successfully obtained that prisoners who have served 10 years and are 80% disabled be considered for release, the withdrawal of the bill regulating the special prisons (type C), the abolition of the aggravated circumstance of acting with one’s face covered during demonstrations, the halving of the same aggravated circumstance in case of robbery, the presence of an independent expert throughout the process of collecting genetic material since its first phase.
We express all our solidarity and complicity with Nikos Romanos and all the prisoners in struggle because legality is not synonymous of justice, because in Greek jails, as well as in the Italian and in all the other ones, prisoners are tortured and beaten up, because institutions such as prisons and courts are just instruments in defence of privilege and dominion!
 Long live Anarchy!
 Collective against prison and repression – Udine

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