Rome, Italy – Saturday 5th September: demonstration outside the CIE of Ponte Galeria in solidarity with imprisoned migrants


5settembrePonteGaleria_849x1200We receive and transmit:
Throughout this long summer migrants have been struggling against the border regime and the war that Europe is waging against them: they are refusing in mass to be identified, they escape, make protests, block roads, try to cross the borders in small groups or in hundreds, as in Ventimiglia and Calais.
As repression strikes with beatings and punitive transfers into the
concentration camps called C.I.E.,, (Identification and Deportation Centre) hunger strikes, escape attempts and
resistance to deportation demonstrate that the prisoners are not bowing
Saturday, September 5
5pm – Meeting point at Ostiense station to go together and come back together
6pm – Solidarity demo
Translated by act for freedom now

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