Italy – Tilikum, a new bulletin of La Lepre is out


Tilikum # 1, a new bulletin of La Lepre!


The first issue of TILIKUM, a bulletin by the group La Lepre, is out!
It will be distributed mainly in paper form, but we are also giving a PDF version for printing. To download it click here or on the picture
This bulletin aims to be a new a-periodical publication of analysis on the struggle for animal, human and earth liberation. It has been created by various individualities of the group La Lepre, based in Milan since the end of 2012 and active in street protests to oppose animal and earth exploitation (in relation to topics such as vivisection, the fur industry, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and so on) and in organizing presentations, video projecting and talks in order to stimulate direct exchanges between the people involved in the struggle and those who are joining it for the first time.
The collective La Lepre is made by people coming from diversified trajectories: the animal and earth liberation struggle, anarchist, antifascist anti-capitalist, antiracist, queer/trans/feminist, anti-prison struggles and in support to all prisoners. This is reflected in our way of carrying on the struggle for animal and earth liberation, which we see as inseparable from the wider struggle for human liberation and against all forms of authority and domination. Therefore our approach will triy to highlight the connections between animal exploitation and other forms of oppression such as the devastation of the ecosystem, racism, sexism, homophobia, class divisions, etc., as we always take the social context we live in and the dynamics of power that come into play (State, capitalism, forces of repression…) into due account.
We want to reconfirm the importance of direct action and of a methodology that doesn’t imply any kind of compromise or alliance with the institutions or the media, which are the main responsible for our being oppressed. We are also critical towards technology, and we don’t believe that instruments like social networks are useful to the strengthening of our struggle; on the contrary they are meant to furtherly increase alienation and apathy that are already widespread enough in today’s mass industrial society. That’s why we are launching a project of publication on paper, a format not facilitated by the internet and more apt to direct distribution and to a relaxed read that encourages thinking.
We won’t waste more time because we believe that our ideas and reflections will emerge spontaneously from the articles and topics that we’ll decide to develop time after time. We want to point out that each article has been written by one or maximum two people and therefore it expresses only the ideas and views of its author or authors. Even if we share many affinity points between us, we are individuals different from one another, and obviously each one has his/her personal views. Moreover, other articles are translations whose contents might or might not be agreed on, but which we think offer interesting points for reflection.
We dedicate this and future issues to animal and human prisoners who’ve decided not to give up and to struggle against anyone are threatening their instinct of  freedom.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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