Greece: Solidarity action for Evi Statiri by prisoners of A-Wing, Korydallos prison



125.09.15: Prisoners of A-Wing in Korydallos prison remained in the A-Wing exercise yard for one hour after the allocated time had expired in a show of solidarity with Evi Statiri who has been on hunger strike in the women’s section of Korydallos since September 14. Slogans in solidarity with Evi were shouted at the guards and painted on the walls of the exercise yard in red paint. The prisoners also released a communique explaining their action, below is a translated excerpt…
“We said that we would step up our mobilizations if the unjustice imposed upon the loved ones of our fellow inmates continued – we will not stop here. We will continue to support Evi any way we can as prisoners. As the days pass and we continue to see the sytem playing with the life of our comrade Evi Statiri our patience is running out. The ministry must finally take responsibility for it’s torture and barbarism and free Evi Statiri and lift the status of exile against Athena Tsakalou.”
Domokos -Ttrkala – Prisoners refuse to enter cells in solidarity with Evi Statiri- Greece
domokosSince the 14th of September our imprisoned comrade Evi Statiri has been on a hunger strike to demand her immediate release.
Evi is held in prison without any incriminating evidence in existence to support the ridiculous indictment against her.
The real reason behind her prosecution is that she has chosen to be the partner of one of our fellow inmates and member of CCF, Gerasimos Tsakolos.
The targeting of relatives is a vindictive act of power that aims to subjugate and emotionally blackmail prisoners who remain rebellious and dangerous to the orderly functioning of the prison.
The amendment passed by the former Justice minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos turned out to be a scrap of paper that had the sole aim of tricking the hunger strikers who had reached the brink of death. After many months it remains provocatively unapplied.
The struggle to stop the criminalization of relatives and partners of prisoners is a common struggle that affects all detainees. This is why today in a show of solidarity with Evi Statiri we refused to enter our cells at midday.
Freedom to Evi Statiri
– Prisoners from Domokos and Trikala prisons
Note: A similar midday mobilization was initiated by prisoners in A and D wing of Korydallos prison.
(via Athens IMC)

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