Greece – Statement from Evi Statiri on day 15 of her hunger strike for justice


On Sunday morning at 2:00AM I was taken to the prison hospital due to hypoglycemic shock. The doctors there diagnosed that it was necessary to transfer me to an outside hospital. I was returned to the prison and later on Sunday morning after a visit from doctors Sakka and Kosmopoulou the prison doctors requested my urgent transfer to an outside hospital. That afternoon I was taken to the Nikaia General Hospital.Upon arrival I refused any serum apart from saline as the doctors were concerned that I presented with severe hypotension. Today Monday September 28th I removed the saline serum.
At the same time as thousands of people are heading to work, thousands of students head to their schools and universities and thousands experience the deadlock of economic tyranny and life flows on as always I continue my hunger strike against the velvet fascism of democracy that imprisons people for being relatives of political prisoners and for resisting fear, oppression and exploitation.
The request for my release was filed twenty days ago with the judicial council who will have to decide if a human life is of less value than maintaining false accusations that serve the plans and interests of power.
The hourglass of time is running out…

A system that forces people to risk their lives through hunger strike as collateral for their freedom is doomed to collapse…

The struggle continues…
Evi Statiri, 15th day of hunger strike,
Nikaia General Hospital prisoners ward

(via Athens IMC)

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