Genoa, Italy – La Peste, a new a-periodical of social critique


notes: in Italian language


Issue 0 of La Peste is out, a new a-periodical of social critique focussed on what’s going on in Genoa and surroundings but not only. For the moment La Peste won’t be entirely published on the internet, apart from the editorial that you’ll find below; in the future we’ll see. If you’re interested you can order one or more copies via:
 2 euros per copy
1 euro per copy for 5 copies and more
+ Postage
 This a-periodical was created purely out of the urgent need of not remaining silent or passive in the face of what’s happening to us and around us.
Inextricably it draws inspiration from life in its totality, in the constant awareness that words are very precious, important instruments for getting people close to the realization of the fundamental desire to express themselves and reveal themselves to others; but words have to be alive in real, direct and non-mediated experiences because words are worthless if they don’t match with real experiences.
Words and the ways they are intertwined with one another are innumerable but they remain codes.
The experiences that give form and substance to our lives are infinite and unique.
To be able to use the language doesn’t mean to be also able to live one’s life with one’s head held high, without remorse. On the contrary the ability to create dignified living and to realize significant experiences doesn’t necessarily need particular words; it often doesn’t even need a single word.
After all, a good mastery of the language, once acquired, only needs to be exercised. But life doesn’t necessarily follow a progressive trajectory; it is almost always a constant beginning, a constant putting oneself into question.
Life is made of difficult choices, which can be irreversible or liable to be reconsidered. Luckily the more or less conscious decision not to take side is not one of the irreversible choices. One can take possession of oneself at any time and place, in any health condition, in a condition of wealth or poverty, following an articulated trajectory or all of a sudden.
Those who decided to begin this project made of words, testimonies and images are certain they have at least made a choice: the choice not to be indifferent, to fight never to be so, to shake where indifference reigns, to attack anyone who wants to relegate humankind in a perpetual state of lethargy, alienation, delegating, passivity and submission.
Each and every life belongs to the body, heart and mind that guide it autonomously to its entirety. No institution, bureaucracy, teacher, employer, parent, family, car, computer, etc. can decide anything on behalf of the individual, not even the most obviously irrelevant questions.
This a-periodical will be out whenever it likes; it starts out of the will of a single individual but it doesn’t rule out an expansion; it is addressed to everyone at the same time; it doesn’t need to label its interlocutors within established categories, as it considers words in revolt as a narrative of the possible that can be achieved by any spirit longing for freedom and not for the mediation between ‘experts’ and spectators; it will talk about what it considers more appropriate without pre-arranged schemes; current affairs, history, things that never existed; it will unconditionally support those who struggle for freedom and mercilessly attack anyone who exercise power to deny freedom; it won’t have specific categories (for example politics, culture, news, literature, etc.) because life is unique and indivisible and all its aspects concur with one another without any need to be classified as required by the capitalist lifestyle.
La Peste aims to be yet another instrument to break up boredom and resignation and to lay the groundwork for dialogue and eventually small forms of self-organization, and to prevent the necessity to organize oneself (be they many or few) from becoming a burden to the spontaneity and creativity of action.
Therefore criticisms and suggestions – even those who seem futile – are not only welcomed but also encouraged.
La Peste aims to be yet another place of solidarity with anyone who, in the ways they consider more appropriate for themselves, chooses to rebel against authority, the world of commodities and money, the responsible for the destruction and enslavement of the Planet and its inhabitants, the technology pervading social and personal relationships, the society which makes prison its favourite pillar and which is an open prison itself.
La Peste aims to be yet another stimulus to anyone who has a need for revenge and rebellion but they are unable to put it into practice or find the way to express it.
From croceneranarchica
Translated by act for freedom now

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