Mexico – Attack against a Honda dealership by Earth Liberation Front


hondasburnedOnce again, tired of their artificial world we have acted to demonstrate that we will never accept their offers to live in this filthy puddle that is full of automatons filled with indifference who do not show even the most minimal respect for the Earth.
The Earth that has given us the necessary resources to survive has long been exploited in absurd ways. This great horde of zombies in search of luxuries to maintain their comfort have contributed immensely to sustain this society that day by day is sinking in it’s own shit. We seek to destroy their world blow for blow; the world in which their tools of control manipulate the minds of people who live in ignorance and indifference to all that surrounds them. We are referring to both their cameras and their police as well as their luxuries.
On October 4th, 2015 we demonstrated our hatred by attacking a Honda dealership located on the Avenida Revolucion in San Cristobal, Ecatepec in the state of Mexico. Covered once more by the black night and accompanied by the moon that was once again our confidant. During the attack we managed to completely destroy several Honda brand vehicles as well as cause minor damage to other vehicles. This is to show that we have not given up our fight against all those who dare to destroy the Earth and it’s inhabitants.
Earth Liberation Front – Mexico
(via Contra Info)

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