Italy – On the trial for the ‘Green Hill’ case


 Green Hill is the name of a breeding farm situated in Montichiari (Brescia), which supplies beagles to vivisection labs throughout Europe. Over the years the farm has been targeted by animal liberation activists, who have liberated hundreds of dogs. The following piece, written by an animal activist, refers to a trial set up following one of the many episodes of animal liberation at Green Hill [translator’s note].
 Prosecutor’s demands concerning the ‘Green Hill’ trial
 On 21st September [2015] a trial began against 13 people accused of a number of offences related to the liberation of dogs that took place on 28th April at the Green Hill farm. The prosecutor made his request that day.

To sum up, the 13 defendants can be divided into 2 categories. The first concerns the people who jumped over the fences, entered the hangars and brought some of the dogs out to those who were waiting outside. These people are accused of aggravated theft, and for them the prosecutor has demanded lighter sentences, ranging from 8 months to a year and the possibility of parole.
The second one concerns the people who didn’t enter the premises but got the dogs and set off to a safe place. These people were arrested some kilometres away from the farm. They are accused of improper robbery, resistance and violence against public officials. The charge of resistance seems related to the fact that the accused refused to give the dogs back either verbally or by trying to run away. The charge of violence looks like a frame-up created ad hoc by the forces of order through copy-and-paste statements and medical reports. In this case the prosecutor has demanded sentences varying from a year and a few months to 3 years and 3 months, depending on whether the charges of resistance and violence are confirmed or not.
All defendants are also likely to be fined 200 thousand euros for damage, damage for which there is no evidence. I’m in the first category, the one with lighter sentences. But for me the prosecutor has demanded the maximum sentence for theft, 4 years. The reason for this is due to the statement I gave to the court in a previous hearing. In particular, the prosecutor singled out 2 points. First point: the fact that I’ve declared I don’t recognize the court or the law. The second point: the assumption in my statement that I’d do it again. Therefore the same offence for which others would do from 8 months to a year becomes 4 years for me because I expressed my ideas before the court. As my lawyer identified this measure as crime of opinion, even if not explicitly named as such, he pointed it out as unlawful, and said that if the court found reasons in my statement for pressing further charges against me, then a different trial should be held, while the events of 28thApril shouldn’t be used to punish my ideas. I’ll publish more analysis of the situation shortly.
The trial will continue at the court in Brescia on 9thNovember at 1pm. The sentence will be pronounced then.
Luana Martucci
 Translated by act for freedom now

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