Temuco, Chile – Incendiary attack on the premises of a club for retired Gendarmerie officers


A great blaze interrupted a quiet morning in the city of Temuco on 20th September 2015. Not far from Avenida Caupolican, in via Leon Gallo 0119, a homemade incendiary device made of camping gas canisters detonated at 1:00, and the front wall of the Retired Gendarmerie Officers’ Club went up in flames. The rapid response of 3 squads of firefighters prevented the building, which hosts meetings and parties of the torturers, from catching fire.
Special police units went to the place to look for evidence, but there have been no arrests so far. No leaflet was found on site nor has any group claimed the incendiary attack yet. A few days later, in the course of the investigation following the attack, Mapuche comunero Cristian Levinao was recaptured after he had been in hiding, and photographer Felipe Duran was arrested; both are accused of breaking the law on weapons and explosives control but they were not officially accused of this attack.

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Translated to Italian by Crocenera

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now

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