Greece – I am now being detained in the female prisons of Koridallos ,Letter by Maria Theofilou


Letter by Maria Theofilou
As of Tuesday September 29th, after five days of being held in the
anti-terrorist force headquarters, I am now being detained in the female
prisons of Koridallos. The heap of charges attributed to me essentially
derive from the “harboring” of my Companion.
Our children, 2 and 4,5 years old, experienced the violent moment of the
arrest of their father but mainly the terrifying experience of the
essential attack on them since weapons were aimed at all of us with
excessive violence, while the four of us got into a car. These
incidents, combined with the violent separation, ablactation and
deprivation of their two parents, places their mental health in a
particular serious danger.
I would like to stress that my family relation with my brother, who is a
prisoner in Domokos prisons, was also used as proof of guilt against me
in order to take the decision to detain me. It is worth mentioning the
not at all accidental question asked by both the interrogator and the
prosecutor with a big dose of irony but also an expression of
satisfaction that my guilt was confirmed, -Whether or not
I have brothers or sisters and where my brother is right now.
Given that there is no proof of guilt against me, I ask for my temporary
detainment to be lifted in order for me to return to my children. I ask
for the vengeful persecution against me to stop and that I be dealt with
based on the facts that exist and not based on my family relations.
Maria Theofilou


Source  Translated by Act for freedom now!/boubourAs
ps: The brother of Marias Theophilou is the anarchist coumounist Tasos Theophilou who is a prisoner in Domokos prisons. And the Companion is Giorgos  Petrakakos, who was  arrested on September 24th 2015


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