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A new squat has opened in Athens, in the working-class neighbourhood of Aigaleo, and is having two days of events (today and tomorrow) to celebrate.

The poster below translates:

In these hard times, with authorities attacking more than ever before our everyday reality…

we occupied

the ground floor of the municipal space of Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str at the Council Housing buildings of Aigaleo. We consider the occupation an open suggestion that starts from its own grounds and claims all the space and time of our everyday lives that is stolen from us by authority; it attacks anything that limits the needs and the desires of the exploited and the repressed of this world.

2 days of events

Saturday, 3d of July

Live gig with “Dakrygona” (tear-gas) and sintexniaplin in the mixer

9pm at the Aigaleo metro station

Sunday, 4th of July

comradely kitchen &feast

Signal squat (sinialo)

Kapodistriou and Thessalonikis Str, Aigaleo



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