Chilean prisons: Words from the compañerx Marcelo Villarroel by Pablo Vergara and Aracely Romo


From the high security prison, words by Pablo Vergara and Aracely Romo.

With Memory and Subversion memories travel to the present making the past a mere date. To say that “Our dead ones are enjoying really good health” is to reaffirm the intact force of our memories that gains life in this present of struggle 27 years from your departure in the indomitable lands of the Wallmapu.

Araceli…Pablo…Hundreds of accomplices have taken options of confrontation with power and those that dominate, hundreds of compañerxs that individually and collectively keep alive the flame of the Revolt, of the permanent combat against the present of oppression and misery, hundreds of brothers and sisters of different generations that will Never be forgotten.
We bring them into our daily resistance in the prison and in the streets; and in the different territories of the planet where there is the light of the struggle for the Total Liberation.
 Greetings with the sincere affection of always to those who organize, to the families of Pablo and Aracely.
 With the heart at war beating freedom, daily struggle and subversion until the end.



Marcelo Villarroel Sepulveda.
Prisionero Libertario.
1 de Nov. 2015.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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