Chile – A comrade arrested following a molotov attack on a church during a demonstration



Nicolas Rojas was arrested and accused of throwing a molotov bottle at the Church of San Francisco on 12th October in the centre of Santiago during the demo in memory of the indigenous populations exterminated.
Clashes with police and attacks on symbols of power had been occurring during the demo. According to prosecutor Gonzalo Alvarez, police infiltrated the demonstrators and filmed a number of hooded people throwing molotovs at the main door of the Church of Alameda and San Francisco. The police followed the hooded ones for a while and filmed them as they changed clothes and got rid of the ones they were wearing. Finally the police arrested one of them in an area far from the spot of the incendiary action.
 Nicolas Rojas Candia, 20 years old, was arrested for illegal possession of firearms and for damaging a national monument, and was taken to the Carcel/Empresa Santiago1, for 60 days of pre-trial detention.
VIA: croceneranarchica.
 Translated by act for freedom now

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