NOV 14 Against Spanish State Terror, for the release of all Political Prisoners (London Spanish Embassy Protest) london- uk



Demonstration at the Spanish Embassy in London in solidarity with anarchists persecuted following Operation Pandora in Barcelona in the last months.Saturday, November 14
6:00pm  Spanish Embassy
SW1X 8SB, London, UK
Manifestación en la Embajada de España en Londres en solidaridad con los anarquistas perseguidos a raíz de la operación Pandora en Barcelona en los últimos meses.In the latest spate of Anti-Anarchist terror in Spain the state has raided more social centres and other Libertarian spaces in Spain, on the basis of an invented ‘Coordinated Anarchist Group’ (GAC in spanish). They arrested many, and continue to hold a comrade who is close to us.This is but the latest in such waves of terror. From the more than 60 anarchists that have been arrested in the last 3 years using the GAC excuse, to the detention of Communists who returned from fighting ISIS, the Spanish state strikes out at all who would ask for a better world.This move is an attempt purely to put fear into the movement, we deny this fear and we will show it on the streets!
The Only Terrorist is the State!
Neither guilty or innocent, simply Anarchists!In addition, last week other activists were arrested, on the basis of terrorism. They were part of the straight edge group from Madrid. Due to police pressure the group has disbanded. Below, you can see a picture of the “terrorist” evidence which the police found. Also, nationalist activists in Galicia have been arrested recently accused of terrorism.
Nos vemos!

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