Pisa, Italy – 20th November: meeting and Croce Nera Anarchica presentation at Garage anarchico


 Pisa, Friday 20th November from 4pm, presentation and talk on the Crocenera project at Garage anarchico in Chiassetto, S. Ubaldesca 44 (S. Martino area)
 In a time when even dissent falls into line, the spreading of different visions is very much precious as is the attempt at taking oneself out of what is commonly thought, so as to explore more trajectories, old ones and new ones, which can break the system. We maintain the necessity of giving priority to ideas and trajectories that become actions and to the spontaneous consistency of anyone who experiences the struggle as something precious and alive, so we can’t ignore the voices of those who are paying their choices with prison.
As it avoids and despises welfare mentality Croce Nera Anarchica intends to be a ‘laboratory of ideas’, also addressed to those who fell in the tangles of repression as they maintain their ideas with pride.
Translated by act for freedom now!
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