[Poster] Dawa everywhere against the maxi-prison! – Brussels


 Dawa everywhere against the maxi-prison!
 Since the work began, the State is still determined to complete the maxi-prison project. It is raising the spectre of repression against those who fight. It must defend this huge investment, part of a greater plan of a dozen more new jails.
Its objective is obvious: lock more people up, for longer.
 These measures are not only reserved for the prisoners inside. The turn of the screw is also spreading outside: harsher and harsher conditions of survival, thousands of people thrown out of benefits, new uniforms swarming around everywhere, surveillance cameras on every street corner … The maxi-prison is just the icing on the cake.
 What then? Either we let ourselves be locked up in our shitty lives, or we attack, with the means we consider suitable, all those who are forging a barrack-style existence for us: from the builders, architects, engineers and services providers of the maxi-prison, to the policy makers responsible, and all those who make money from the business of security and confinement.
 But also by disrupting their order, adding our wayword touch to this city that they would like to have policed and with no life other than that of merchandise.
 It is not by coating our struggle with a new coat of paint that we’ll put a spoke in their wheels. On the contrary, what they have to fear is a movement that escapes them completely, where small groups, with no political party or leader, decide for themselves where and how to attack.
 No recipe, but a mixture with an explosive potential: a diffuse uncontrollable proliferation which, through self-organization and direct action, can knock down the walls they are building around us.
 Let’s rip against all those who put bars on our lives!


 Translated by Act for freedom now!



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