Bari, Italy – Report on the demo outside the CIE [Identification and Deportation Centre] at Bari Palese


We receive and transmit:

In the afternoon of 29th August a demo was held in solidarity with the prisoners held in the CIE [Migrants’ Identification and Deportation Centre] at Bari Palese, one of the most troubled places of administrative detention in Italy.

As the demo had not been authorized, the police lined up to prevent it from taking place. In spite of this, about sixty people in solidarity found their way to the building after circumventing the police line.

Because of the demonstrators’ determination the antiriot squad thought it better not to go too far.

At the same time the police immediately interrupted all activities of sociality for the prisoners, locked them up in the units, raided them and went up on the roof.

In spite of the attempt to hamper communication between the outside and the inside, for a couple of hours the demonstrators managed to greet the prisoners, who responded warmly.

In the morning of the same day searches were carried out in the units of the CIE in order to seize cell phones with video cameras, which are forbidden in the building. Moreover, the mayor of Bari Antonio Decaro of the PD party has proposed a plan to the provincial council, according to which asylum seekers in the CARA [Centre for Asylum Seekers] in Bari are to be used for cleaning and maintenance jobs in the city. A real for-free exploitation done in the name of social integration.

We intend to oppose the major’s proposal and police intimidation with more days of struggle like that of today, and we reiterate that detention and semi-detention structures such as CIEs and CARAs must be destroyed.


Translated by act for freedom now

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