>In Norway, in a refugee camp rolled riot



Tuesday night at the camp on fire for illegal migrants in the city of Lier province Buskerud in Norway. It was informed by the police department Buskerud province. Burned down three buildings where foreigners were living with their families, before obtaining the waiver of the Norwegian authorities the right to stay in the country. This is one of the two refugee camps, where riots broke out on Tuesday. Protesting against the decision of the Norwegian authorities to expel them from the country, refugees staged riots, first in Tuesday night at the camp Fagerli (some 50 km north of Oslo), where 90 people. About an hour later unrest spread to another refugee camp near the town of Lier, where there were 140 people, mostly immigrants from African and Arab countries, among them women and children. They beat the windows, set fire to garbage containers, and then began to break into the building, where lived. After the refusal of asylum, all refugees are illegal immigrants and should be deported outside the kingdom. And according to initial estimates of the authorities, the refugee camp in the town of Lier suffered less – as expected due to location are women and children.Despite the fact that by Tuesday morning, the police took control of the situation in both camps, on Wednesday night riots continued. One of these centers because of the damage recognized as a national UDI uninhabitable.

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