Text by the 5 students who the Italian authorities want to be extradited to Italy – Greece


On 1/5/2015 as greek students during a trip, we also participated in the demonstration for May Day in Milan, which had as its spearhead the protest to the organization of an international exhibition Expo 2015, which was taking place those days in the city, and which created an asphyxiating economic and social climate against the lower social layers in Milan. On 2/5/2015, a day after the demonstration, and with our exit from a social centre as the only criterion, we were detained by the Italian police in the frames of mass arrests. After a lengthy detainment and without the presence of an interpreter, they released us without charging us with anything.
On Thursday 12/11/2015 the greek authorities raided our houses, and arrested us because of a European Arrest Warrant issued by the prosecutorial authority of Milan, with which they asked for our arrest and extradition to Italy, because of our participation in the demonstration. According to the warrant, we were ”seen”participating in clashes.
The factual solidarity of the movement managed to prevent our detainment, while there is still a judicial council that will decide on our extradition to Italy, where there is not even a maximum time limit of detainment before the trial takes place. It is the first time since the European Arrest Warrant was established that one EU country asks another to extradite citizens, for reasons that are attributed to their political activity.
As students who participate in the student movement and its struggles, the neighbourhood assemblies and labor/class demands, we call for all the movement to fight against and block our extradition to Italy since the danger is now visible.

When the movements of the ”bellow” choose to meet against the international politicies of austerity and devaluation then the states choose to cooperate against them aiming at the oppression of the struggles, criminalizing the political activity, resulting in this unprecedented fact that surpasses the interior of a country and will leave a legacy for every fighting individual.

The five students under extradition to the Italian authorities.
Athens 14/11/2015
ranslated by Act for freedom now!

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