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We announce the creation of a new blog of anarchist news and translations, and quote from their introduction: Il Buco [the hole] is a new blog of translations and transmission of news from the anarchist world.
It will be a multilingual blog open to the widest contributions. Our support is always to all the prisoners locked up in the cells of democracy all over the world and to all the comrades of the earth.
To the anarchists of action, to our comrades and brothers who act in the darkness of the night in order to strike the false tranquillity of the bourgeoisie that want to dominate us. ‘The hole’ was a trapdoor leading to a basement, a meeting point of the clandestine anarchist movement which Pedrini and Lucetti were part of.
We’ve taken our name from there, from those who decided to struggle for Anarchy before us! Il buco
Translated by act for freedom now

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