Genoa, Italy – Sabotage in a yard in solidarity with those arrested following the No Expo demo


‘GENOA (PORTO ANTICO): The driver’s side of a caterpillar track belonging to the company MARINI, a front runner in Earth’s devastation, was set on fire.
Solidarity with all those arrested and put under investigation following the revolt of 1st May in Milan.
Against anyone who dissociated themselves from the demo and regarded it as too noisy and incontrollable, and also against anyone who from Milan to Cremona, from Turin to Genoa dissociated themselves from acts of sabotage carried out on the “Italian soil”.
In spite of the events in Paris and the blatant intensifying of cops’ presence in the city, I acted and will act with the same tension, passion and fear that make me different from the masses.
An Anarchist’
Translated by act for freedom now

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