Text of imprisoned anarchists for the Black December, 2015 – koridallos prison – Athens


The assigning, disappointment and the internalization of inactivity are characteristics that acquire more and more ground overall in the world of struggle. And this is something that cannot be hidden in our movement either. Although the occasions that arise are many we feel social peace dominating and increasingly fending off the CONFLICT that will shake the apathy. Our perceptions and proposals are dead if not expressed in the STREET, there where conventions are abolished and prospects appear.
Anarchy always had the street as a privileged field of action and this is what made it alive as well as attractive. The demonstrations, the clashes with the cops, the barricades, the attacks on banks and department stores are not only spectacular reflexes of our passion for attack on the symbols of dominance, but also the best opportunity for us to meet and test our proposals in practice. We believe that the act creates the theory because it forms the people, transforming the terms of our existence, material and conscientious.
When our theories produce the fragmentation of our forces –therefore inactivity- it means that they can be applied only on pointless games of rhetorical superiority and are a provocative invasion of the culture of spectacle in our relations and deterioration of its anti-hierarchical character.
The wager is not who has the best theory since reality cannot fit in our mental representations but only be accessed. The wager is to exchange rationales and technical knowledge, coordinate and organize our attacks through the different languages of concepts we speak.
We see the call for a coordination of revolutionary forces, the call for a “Black December”, as a wager as well. A call that has no (and should not have) a person-centered tone, in order for it to be embraced by the entire radical movement. It does not concern the personal demands of anyone, only the common will for insurrection. And the ability to see this is also a precondition so that the political ruptures can connect in the field of material clash with the state.
We want this December to be the cause for the revolted to meet, organize and ATTACK. We are not asking for the resurrection of past revolts, we seek the opportunity where the people in the street increases, where the passion for libertarian violence meets the spontaneity or even better the organized plan to keep the field of CONFLICT open.
Create moments in the space-time that will break the numbness and inactivity that disarm us, and will make us realize our possibilities when we act.
Giorgos Karagiannidis,
Giannis Mihailidis,
Fivos Harisis,
Argiris Dalios,
Grigoris Sarafoudis
Translated by Act for freedom now!


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