Ricochets n° 10 – septembre 2015 – text in english – No retreat: forward with the struggles for freedom about the acts of sabotage aganist the high speed trains and an army base


No retreat: forward with the struggles for freedom
about the acts of sabotage aganist the high speed trains and an army base
When darkness surrounds the neighbourhoods, immersing the city into a territory under siege – supreme affirmation of state power and its ideology –, it is easy to succumb to total resignation. When the trumpets of war and massacre are braying, crushing the struggles for freedom to leave only space for the fight between two powers that want to impose themselves, it is easy to think that everything is lost. When the media bombings are hammering the message of order, pushing all shouts of refusal and rejection towards the margins, it is easy to stop thinking by yourself and letting yourself be swept away by the bloody current.

And yet… This last week, the state has been aiming for a complete adherence to its values, threatening with brutal repression all those that don’t bend. Faced with the jihadist gangrene which has devoured, first and foremost, the revolutionaries of so many countries (Egypt, Syria, Libya) – revolutionaries which have courageously risen up against the regimes and for freedom, and which all the states in the world have preferred to see massacred with statist bombs or slaughered by jihadist executions –, the state has been striving to affirm the triumph of its vision on the world: a horrifying world of capitalist exploitation and statist oppression. The state is now trying to decree that the only war everyone is called to participate in is the war between him and an islamist competitor, thereby attempting to bury the only war which we, revolutionaries against all power – be it statist or religious – are ready to wage: the social war against oppressors and exploiters. And the state takes the occasion to reinforce its repressive arsenal. House raids around the clock. Tightening of the laws. Adaptation of the constitution to impose electronic bracelets to the ones threatening its order (and don’t think that the revolted, the revolutionaries will be excluded from their black list). More means for the cops and the secret services. Arrests in abundance of people without papers and rebels. And beyond doubt as well an acceleration of the militarisation at the borders and the construction of new prisons, such as the maxi-prison in Brussels.
And yet… not all has been lost, the resignation continues to be as sick as it was a week ago, the necessity to think for yourself, outside of any canon, is the only possible way to demolish the ideology of the state and its competitors.
Two acts of sabotage took place in Belgium, two acts of sabotage during one single night. Two acts which announce that the fight for freedom can and must continue, here and now, even if the conditions are getting more and more difficult and the fields of confrontation will be less favourable. Two acts which show the abyss separating the state as well as those who think like a state (as is the case of the supporters of the new caliphate), both of them always ready to commit massacres, to sow terror to preserve or conquer power; an abyss thus which separates them from the ones fighting to break the hold that power has on all of us, those who go to the attack to liberate, not to subdue.
Two acts of sabotage, in the night of the 29th of November towards the 30th of November.
The first one was a sabotage, on four different spots, of an international high speed train network (TGV, Thalys, Eurostar). By putting fire to the optic fibre cables along the rail tracks close to Ath in the province of Hainaut, the complete train circulation has been paralysed for more that a day long. A day on which the international delegates and the ministers needing to speed to Paris for a summit were blocked, a day on which the executives of companies, the eurocrats, the directors have been cornered in the station watching the screens announcing the cancelling of their trains. This act of sabotage shows us that by using simple means it is always possible to cut into the veins of power and its men, of its networks of transportation and data. And in the disorder thereby created, spaces are opened up which are not saturated by the speech of power, spaces where freedom can take a jump.
The second act of sabotage was aimed at no less than a military base, one of the most important ones of Belgium, where the Special Forces of the Belgian army and the military secret service are stationed, in Heverlee in the province of Flemish Brabant. Covered by the night, the saboteur(s) penetrated the base, avoiding systems of control and patrols, to trap five army vehicles with home-made fire bombs. The ignition system seems to have defected but the message cannot be more clear: you are occupying the streets of Brussels, massacring people in different countries over the world because the state orders you to do so, you are sowing terror with your uniforms, your armoured vehicles and your weapons of war, but you will never be out of reach for an act of sabotage. A single act has managed to ridicule the aura of the army and its grand master, the state, and this in the middle of a state of emergency. An act which somehow proposes to all who are sick of their wars to attack directly on the spot where they are produced: in the military bases, in the arms and security companies, in the technological research centres. An act which can only belong to the deserter of all wars, but who doesn’t renounce the one of the social war against the war of power.
It is easy to abandon, but it is always at reach to continue. Faced with the war for power, lets blow strongly on the hot beds of the social war against all power. There are struggles going on which will face difficult times in the future, the struggle against the borders, the struggle against the maxi-prison, the fights against austerity measures and the capitalist reorganisation. Lets strengthen them so that they become points of reunion for the deserters, the indomitable, the rebels. And may acts of sabotage continue to illuminate the darkness.

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