Italy – Issue 6 of Fenrir is out!


  • Issue 6 of Fenrir, an eco-anarchist paper in support to
    prisoners and direct action, with updates on the anarchist and
    animal liberation struggle all over the world, is out. 84 pages
    in A4 format
    In this issue:
    -If not now, when? Antiauthoritarian direct actions in the
    -Max Stirner, ‘The strength of the Ego’
    -Oil leakages, industrial disasters
    -The technology system according to Jacques Ellul
    -Fear of freedom. The new frontiers of citizens’ connivance
    -Eco devastation and the fight against the system
    -Visons of the present time. Robotics applied to war
    -Interview with Sosyal Savas, an anarchist collective from
    -Exercises in revolutionary memory: Ravachol
    -From Santiago to Athens. An unpublished interview with the
    Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire
    -Letters from the prison
    -News from the necro-world
    -Updates on prisoners and state repression
    -Reading suggestions
    In order to get one or more copies, write to:
    Translated by act for freedom now!

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