Turkey – Hunger striking vegan anarchist prisoner Osman Evcan in critical condition


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Osman Evcan is on 37th day of his hunger strike. Cell mate of Evcan staging a hunger strike due to not being given vegan food is at 12nd day of his hunger strike, which he started to support his friend.
Tamer Korkmaz staying in the same prison as convicted Osman Evcan has drawn attention to Evcan’s condition via his letter, and called for solidarity.
Korkmaz wrote that “Evcan just consumes water, sugar, salt, and don’t even receive vitamin”.
“Osman Evcan is a vegan, which means he doesn’t consume any animal products. Most of the products he can consume is not provided in prison. Thus, he had staged a hunger strike before too and earned to receive some of the vegan products.
“In November, this right has been abolished without showing any justification or informing him in advance. Upon this, Evcan re-started the hunger strike”.
“Evcan’s life is under risk because of the hunger strike”, proceeded Korkmaz.
“Silence of Ministry of Justice and prison administration remains”.
Protest for Evcan
Animal Freedom Initiative is going to hold a solidarity protest tonight (December 16) in Taksim. The activists to gather in front of Galatasaray Lisesi (Galatasaray High School) at 7 p.m. will then walk towards Tünel Square at 8 p.m.
The initiative in its call said, “Despite our protest that was held in front of Kandıra Prison and all the talks held with Ministry of Justice to stick Evcan, prison administration is insistent to not give Osman Evcan vegan food”.
This the third hunger strike
Evcan sentenced to life imprisonment in 1992 had earned the right to vegan-vegetarian food for all vegan-vegetarian prisoners after a hunger strike of 43 days in 2011.
Evcan carrying his struggle a step further had staged another hunger strike of 33 days to remove the obstacles before getting vegan-vegetarian food from outside in addition to vegan-vegetarian meals being cooked with fresh and seasonal vegetables. That strike had succeeded as well. (AS/TK)


via: http://bianet.org/english/human-rights/170238-friend-of-man-on-hunger-strike-evcan-s-condition-critical
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