Italy – Active solidarity with those arrested following the 1st May’s demo against Expo in Milan


lunga-vita-ai-ribelli[…] As soon as they got in, the police officers didn’t take long to realize who the people quickly running away were. In fact, at the bottom of the room they found a hole on the floor, a perfectly lighted well leading deep down. A note left near the opening of the hole read: ‘Solidarity between anarchists is not made of words only’.
We give the postpay number for donations contributing to the legal expenses faced by the comrades arrested following the 1st May’s demo in Milan.
In the struggle and in prison we stand against state repression that wants to forcibly instil terror in the life of anyone who struggles every day and rebels against the rules of a democracy we don’t recognize as ours.
 Postpay number: 4023 6006 6633 9207, account name Marika Foi, C.F   FOIMRK89E67D198L
From Il Buco,
Translated by act for freedom now

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