Italy – Issue 4 of the anarchist paper Brecce is out


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Issue 4 of Brecce, a-periodical mural paper published in Lecce, is out. Here is an extract:
Selective tears
A great number of people took to the streets on Sunday 15th November to express solidarity with France, in shock at Muslim fundamentalists’ terrorist fury, and Lecce was no exception as a few hundred people gathered in a piazza to join a demonstration organized by the PD party, the main unions and municipal administrations. Surrounded by sensible people, the organizers didn’t miss the opportunity to condemn the massacre and express sorrow for the victims, all things that are worthy, except that they forgot something: the dead are not all equal to them.
For example, we didn’t see them in the streets when a NATO bombing in Afghanistan destroyed an hospital and with it dozen people’s lives, including doctors, nurses and patients; nor did we see them when Muslims’ bombs and bullets provoked a massacre in another region of the world, far from the West; and either we didn’t see them, these very sensible members of the PD party, when their ex leader D’Alema – just over 15 years have passed since then – decided to make massacres of civilians on the other side of the Adriatic sea, thus inaugurating the season of ‘humanitarian wars’. Just to give a few examples.
In all these cases, including the latest attacks in Paris, death was distributed indiscriminately so as to terrorize the population. This is the essence of terrorism. What does it mean? It means that terrorism is a privileged weapon common to all the States, be they democratic States that intend to export democracy or Islamic States that intend to impose the sharia law. Be it perpetrated by generals ‘who boast about battles, their chests adorned with graves’ or combatants who boast about the many infidels they managed to kill, the essence of their acts is exactly the same. Be terror coming from the sky through a missile dropped by a drone over a village or from the earth through a car filled up with explosive in the middle of a market, the aim is always the same: instil terror.
State violence and religious fundamentalism don’t fight each other because they are enemies, but because they are competitors; they are two sides of the same coin, and both try to impose their choices using the same method. What changes is only the perception that each one in the place where they live has of a given front; a perception which is the result of years of propaganda made by the one or the other party, with consequent loss of the ability to see, think, reason and understand the world around us individually and without any kind of tampering.
If we were able to do so, we’d become really aware of what is going on these days; by taking advantage of widespread emotions and with the pretext to defend our freedom, liberticidal measures are being adopted. This is the meaning of the rumours about ‘antiterrorism agents’ coming to Lecce and the declared intention to further extend video surveillance: these are just yet another step forward in increasing state control.
Translated by act for freedom now

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