Radiocane, Italy – 1st May in Milan: the events as seen from Athens



It had been expected and punctually happened after the big Expo circus closed down: more arrests and raids following the demo of 1st May in Milan, on charges of devastation and plunder. Four comrades are being held prisoners in Milan and others are under investigation, whereas five Greeks were notified a European arrest warrant: further enormity that adds to disproportionate charges.
But the law is a variable science and sometimes solidarity can hamper its advancing. In Greece solidarity with those under investigation was immediate and Greek judges declared that ‘in the light of the data provided by the Italian police’, imprisonment was an excessive measure; so awaiting a court decision on extradition, the Greek comrades have to report regularly to the police station. The peculiarity of an arrest warrant is faced with solidarity that aims at crossing national borders.
In anticipation of the demo of 28th November 2015, you can listen to a talk with a comrade of the people’s assembly of Aghia Paraskevi (Athens).
 Listen here
From Radiocane
Translated by act for freedom now

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