Brussels – “A society that abolishes all adventure, makes the destruction of this society the only adventure possible”


media_xll_8269010The outdoor sports chain store AS Adventure in Drogenbos (Brussels) will be closed for the next two weeks following a fire. Most of the articles are unsellable because of the damage caused by smoke. The survey shows that the fire was of criminal origin.
Fire damage remains limited.
During the night from Saturday to Sunday, a fire was discovered on the lateral façade of the building. At the time, no one was present in the building. No injuries were reported. To prevent the fire flaring up again, part of the side façade was removed.
Finally, the damage caused by the fire remains limited. Thanks to the rapid intervention of the firefighters of Brussels and Halle, the blaze failed to reach the inside of the building. On the other hand, extensive damage was caused by smoke and water. Most of the goods have become unsellable.
Fire accelerators used
It now appears that the fire was of criminal origin. The investigation of the blaze by experts appointed by the prosecutor of Halle-Vilvoorde, reveals that it had been started deliberately and that smoke accelerators were used.
Comments could be limited to the following: With the greetings of all the workers in the labour camps in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, … who suffer and die from the manufacture of these garments
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