Belgium – Actions against a collaborating company and sabotage of the fence on the terrain at Haren


rubon5 Attacks against prison and its world
“Responding with action to calls for a Black December. Responding to our desires for freedom. Responding with attack against what allows this oppressive and destructive system to survive.
In the past two weeks at least 5 vans of the Eiffage construction company have felt their tyres emptied of the air that fills them. The act is simple, fast and efficient. A small knife concealed in a sleeve, a blow to the side of the tyre gives a vehicle that won’t get to work on time. Several vehicles can be immobilized in 30 seconds this way. We know that one of the five vans’ mirrors was smashed and its body tagged.
If you don’t understand the choice of this target, find out more about Eiffage to understand the role that this company plays in the construction of prisons and infrastructures that allow capitalism to continue.
Another action put a big smile on our faces.
Here are the facts: taking advantage of the complicit darkness of the night and enjoying the absence of guards on the land designated to the maxi prison, an absence probably due to the Christmas “holidays”, some people chose to pick on the grills surrounding the area of ​​the maxi prison (which will not happen). About one hundred grids were cut and twisted with pincers, opening the way to the already imprisoned land. Most of the grids are held fixed with rods stuck in the ground in concrete (by shaking the rods hard the concrete can give and the rod got out of the ground).
But many of the grids are only kept fixed through small rectangles that are often seen to hold them in place. All of them fell and can continue to fall indefinitely. If they were to be secured in the ground, they could be cut.
 We won’t allow this system to continue. We will attack wherever the opportunity arises. For the self-management of our lives. To try to save what can still be saved. For freedom.
 We express our support for those fighting on the ZAD of Haren and to those who struggle outside the area. Our support also goes to the people attacked by the Justice of the powerful. All our support to those enclosed inside and outside the prisons. To our accomplices, a strong embrace.”

posted on 12/26/15,
 Translated by Act for freedom now!

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