Udine, Italy – 29-30/12/2015: Casa Pound premises attacked for a Black December



From the press of the regime (‘Messaggero Veneto’ online, 30th December 2015)
we learn that the Casa Pound premises in Piazzale Cella, Udine, were trashed. ‘Dicembre nero (A)’ [Black December] was written on the wall of a nearby shop.
The damage was discovered yesterday morning by police on patrol in the area. So it
was the cops themselves who alerted the fascists of Casa Pound of what had
happened. Shortly after 10:30 the D.I.G.O.S. and forensic officers were on the spot
to gather evidence.
The perpetrators of the action surely acted in the night between 29th
and 30th December.
Therefore the call for a Black December campaign has been met, a call for ‘coordinated actions with the purpose of meeting one another, taking to the streets and
destroying store windows, occupying schools, universities and town halls, spreading
words of rebellion’.



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