Besançon: Attack of the premises of the PS and the Red Cross


by Attack Indy Nantes
 A small gesture in solidarity with the undocumented and comrades in the dirty paws of the State
 … At a time when the State is entrenching the state of emergency in the constitution and multiplying draconian laws, when blue and kaki uniforms are surging in the streets to assure the peace of the rich and dominant, when it is extending prison beyond the walls, when raids and deportations of undocumented are multiplying … it’s time to attack!
 That is why, during the night of December 23 to 24 2015, the PS [Socialist Party] office had its facade covered in black paint. At the same time, the lock on the front door of the Red Cross, whose premises are located at the beginning of Gaulard Avenue, was sabotaged with glue.
 The reasons for this last attack are obvious: this humanitarian organization – which has a long history of collaboration with the powers that be (from the Second World War and its collaboration with the Nazis up until today) – organizes raids, manages migrant flows alongside the police forces and murderous guards of the FRONTEX Agency, administers the detention centres … It is entirely responsible for the miserable plight of the undocumented.
 Right now, this humanitarian organization – perfectly in gear with this world of borders and poverty – is currently distinguishing itself at the Franco-Italian border between Menton and Ventimiglia, by chartering its lorries to transfer migrants to detention centres.
The structures of the enemy can be found at every street corner.
Let’s not bow down to the state of emergency!
Against the State, its cops, its borders!
Sabotage the deportation machine!

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