Haute-Durance, France: Damage to machines on the THT [VHV] renovation site


Dégradations-THT-600x413Dégradations-THT2 The proliferation of damage to machinery on the Haute-Durance electrical renovation project has led the Hautes-Alpes CCI [Chambers of Commerce and Industry] and the Construction Federation to express their “indignation”. They thus decided to publish several pictures of “sabotage” found in recent days. Denouncing “the sad spectacle that the objectors to the project are giving us,” they call for “calm and the smooth progress of the Haute-Durance site, in the interest of everyone.”
“This degradation has a direct impact on the construction site itself, which is being slowed down, but especially on the high-Alpine construction companies of BTP present on the site which, we recall, are in an extremely difficult economic situation”, indicates in a joint statement Eric Gorde, president of ICC, and Stéphane Scarafagio, president of the federation of BTP 05. Pointing out that “these companies employ 1,000 people in the region.”
The ICC and the federation BTP defend “the merits of the Haute-Durance project. The work aims to sustainably guarantee the security of the power supply but also in this way to develop the local economy. Economic development is reflected in the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the presence of the site on the department but is also defined by the number of local companies involved in the project. These long-term facilities will shortly allow digital inclusion through the installation of 200 kilometers of optic fibre lines, maintaining a quality electrical distribution service for High Alpine residents but also for the many tourists. The Haute-Durance site is therefore characterized as an investment for the future, crucial for future generations.”
For their part, several elected officials are moved by the situation on the site, but are asking them to suspend the RTE (Electricity Transport Network) site. After the departmental advisers of Chorges Valerie Rossi and Joel Bonnaffoux, ten of the fifteen councillors of Châteauroux-les-Alpes (but Mayor Jean-Marie Barral is not co-signer) wrote to the prefect Pierre Besnard. “The successive degradation of construction sites, the rising anger of the companies working there, the mobilization of police forces, the despair of anti-THT activists, legal proceedings initiated by the Haute-Durance Futures association and partners who support them, lead us to believe that a suspension of the construction site, likely to ease tensions in the department, would be appropriate,” write the elected of Châteauroux.

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