Calais: ‘container camp’ construction machinery torched – France


Two vehicles used to carry out evictions and construct the new ‘container camp’ – an authorised concentration camp mostly for families within a much larger, semi-autonomous ‘jungle’ – were set fire to on Friday night in Calais near the new camp. There have been no declarations of responsibility, but according to the local press, graffiti with the words “no border” and “this is a prison” was also left on some of the shipping containers used to hold people on the new site.
The “container camp” is a sterile, tightly controlled site for 1500 people on former ‘jungle’ land, run by filthy state collaborators from La Vie Active charity. According to the charity “The security guards saw the culprits and you can see their signature left on one of the containers. It seems they also manage to convince migrants to participate in their actions.”
The new camp is the first concrete step in efforts to completely destroy the self-managed village of 4000-6000 people. A third of the population of the jungle is expected to be evicted from Monday in order to make way for a hundred metre buffer zone around the edge of the motorway.

Fingerprints are required to enter the camp Fingerprints are required to enter the camp


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