Genoa, Italy – Anarchist comrade on trial on 7th April 2016 for writing a piece in solidarity with prisoners


On 28th April 2015 the carabinieri R.O.S. dei carabinieri , on order of prosecutor Federico Manotti, searched a comrade from Genoa and put him under investigation for ‘publicly instigating to commit acts of terrorism and publicly defending a crime of terrorism […]’, referring to a piece of writing, ‘To those who don’t dissociate themselves’, published on various sites of the movement and signed by a comrade, a piece in response to ‘The dot on the i’, a text that circulated in the internet shortly after the kneecapping of the managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare Adinolfi.
The comrade will be on trial on 7th April, with abbreviated procedure, for writing the piece in solidarity.
From croceneranarchica.
Translated by act for freedom now

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