Santiago, Chile: Comrades violently beaten in prison


On Saturday, February 6, as the comrades held in Santiago 1 prison who work with Defensoria Popular [an NGO, ndt] are returning to their respective wings after meeting with their lawyers, a bastard officer shouts to one of the comrades to put his hands behind his back and pushes him, causing him to lose his balance.
Immediately the other comrades throw themselves to defend him and try to stop the official’s aggression. At that point at least 10 screws materialize striking them brutally and kicking them for several minutes until Lieutenant Lagos orders five of them to be taken and transferred to the sector called “the freezer”, where they are forced to get down on their knees with legs crossed, hands behind their heads facing the wall, and yelling “this is the stick!” orders his henchmen to strike them, kick them and spray them with a stinging foam. All are brutally beaten, one is left unconscious, another with a possible fractured skull, one dislocated and all are covered in bruises all over their bodies.
Defensoria Popular presented a recourse to the court, denouncing the torture of the comrades by the prison guards. But we know that the field of the court is just one part, and that solidarity and support are always necessary.
As Emboscada as we send all our energy and support to the affected comrades, who have not bowed their heads and have not submitted to the orders of the bastard officials of the gendarmerie who just want to show their power, trying to impose a servile, passive and submissive attitude on prisoners, something that did not happen this time, arousing the fury of the screws.
We greet all the other prisoners who resist the hostility of the jail and jailers in a dignified way, heads held high. Strength comrades !!
In addition to this, we are making a call to solidarity, to show that our prisoners are not alone. Now more than ever is the time to act.
May no aggression remain unanswered !!
Let’s return every blow to the enemies.
Fonte: Publicacion refractario
via: croceneranarchica
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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