9 cars burnt in Mulheim, Germany, by Wildfire Cell – ALF/ELF/FAI


In the early hours of February 14th, we set fire to the urban-cemetary of Mulheim An Der Ruhr, burning nine cars by placing home made incendiary devices on the tires. To us all cars are equally disgusting and toxic machines of the techno-industrial system, so we burn them indiscriminately, choosing not to limit ourselves to targeting some abstract definition of “luxury” cars.
This attack was an act of vengeance for all the nonhuman comrades crushed on the roads of human “progress”, and whose lives and homes are destroyed every day to produce cars for the smooth functioning of society and theaccumulation of power to the hands of the corporations destroying our home, the natural environment.
We chose to act one day before the original date of the court case for the attempted escape of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – Imprisoned Members Cell, to stand with them until all prisons are ashes and ruins, and all human and nonhuman comrades are free.
We also send our greetings, love and rage to Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, whose court trial has been set for the 8th, 9th and 10th of March for the bombing of two churches in Spain.
This is a gesture of complicity in the war for total liberation.
Onward with the violent rejection of civilization and its values.
Until all are free!
Wildfire Cell – ALF/ELF/FAI

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