Marseille: incendiary attack against luxury cars


Posted on February 27, 2016 by Attaque
 Translated by Act for freedom now


brussels Indymedia / Saturday, February 27, 2016
On the morning of Friday, February 26 at around 3:30, we made our way into a ‘secure’ private car park for a bobo building in the 7th, in Marseille, and set fire to two luxury cars. A box of firelighters was placed under a front tyre of each vehicle, which quickly caught fire before it burst into flames as we were leaving, bringing a brief “state of emergency” to the door of a few bourgeois.
 We dedicate this attack to the four fighters imprisoned by the Belgian state in the “maxi-prison trial” of 19 February, and to others accused in the same case.
 Fire to the prisons and the world they protect!
Persons unknown
 [Brussels, Belgium] Report on the trial against the destruction of the model of the maxi-jail
Translated by Act for freedom now
Brussels: Verdict in the maxi-jail model trial
 Four of those charged with the destruction of the model of the maxi-prison were sentenced to 10 months’ prison suspended for three years this Friday, February 19th at the first trial. In addition, the six accused each received a € 600 fine, for a total of € 3,600. The big incriminating factor for the prosecutor to convict them all is the fact that they refused to apologize about it.
This first instance conviction allows the Buildings Agency to bring criminal complaint for damages, it is claiming € 40,000 for damage.

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