Italy – When war bounces back: a poster from romperelerighe [break the ranks]


Reality will find us sleeping. The Paris massacre brought to Europe horror which is an everyday occurrence in Kabul, Baghdad, Damascus, Gaza, etc. Western troops – including the Italian ones – have been exporting their splendid civilization of dialogue and peace to ever more areas in the world since 1991, by bombing cities, homes and hospitals. The bombs of democracy have caused hundreds of thousands of dead and millions of refugees. And they have filled countless hearts with hatred. That indiscriminate violence has turned around and presented the bill at the hour of dinner, the football match, the concert, cocktails.
While over a billion people live in amidst explosions in shacks, corrugated iron and cardboard; while we call reality all the cables, buttons, prosthesis with which we delude ourselves that we’re alive, reality has arrived. If no government is at all interested in removing the causes that produced the events in Paris, all the States are mobilizing to exploit their effects.
Accelerating war on the external front in order to share out energy resources and areas of influence among themselves. Increasing measures of control and repression on the internal front. Certainly their goal is not the hyped up ‘security’, but rather the submission to social and economic engineering brandished as ‘anti-crisis’ measures yesterday and ‘antiterrorism’ measures today.
There’s nothing better than a population in the grip of fear in for increasing the level of obedience. And it’s precisely the silent willingness to carry on this way that makes each of us a possible target of war. There’s no need to be more evil than others, it is sufficient to be just as inert. That’s exactly how one arrives at catastrophe. Through inertia. Spaces are being restricted, uniforms are springing up everywhere and the fascists are organizing themselves. How can we break the spiral? By showing all the Ministries of Fear that we don’t intend to join the ranks of their war for their dirty interests and their rotten civilization. By proudly refusing to comply with the arrest of our hearts and minds, by becoming deserters of their moral hypocrisy, their racist appeals, their national unity.
By opposing the politics of death and plunder carried out in our name by governments and all the ruling class. By sabotaging the bases, the instruments and the cogs of the war machine here. When the most dangerous of all curfews – that of conscience – is introduced, the meeting point for those who don’t want to join ranks will once again be signed by the old saying: Peace among the oppressed, war on the oppressors!
Anarchists and antimilitarists
Translated by act for freedom now

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