Switzerland – Issue 1 of Rizoma is out [IT- DE – FR]


Rizoma IT (2).jpg 1_Page_1RIZOMA
 Swiss anarchist bulletin in support of the struggle against genetic engineering and the world that produces it
 January 2016 – issue 1 – a-periodical publication in three languages: Rizoma ITRizoma DERizoma FR
 With this bulletin we want to spread theoretical and practical information on the struggle against GMOs and the world that produces them, make actions of resistance against death technologies known and create links between them, encourage exchanges, discussions and critique on practices of action and events occurring within the movement. Because we live close to GMOs experimentation fields, university and research centres, agrochemical industries, raw materials trading companies, we feel we’re directly involved and we stand in solidarity with the lives destroyed elsewhere on the planet. We want to nourish a movement full of all forms of liberating struggle and of all the means necessary against OGMS and their world.
We want our lives and methods of action to be autonomous and independent from the state, the institutions, all sorts of experts, because we want a world free of all forms of dominion and exploitation here and now.
Translated by act for freedom now

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