Responsibility Claim 3/3/2016, for the attack at the State Legal Council (Akadimias street and Zoodohou Pigis) – Athens – Greece


Responsibility Claim
Today, 3/3/2016, we attacked the State Legal Council (Akadimias street
and Zoodohou Pigis). The windows were smashed and paint as well as
flyers were thrown, as first response to the sentences imposed by the
terror-court of Koridallos prisons on those accused in the 2nd trial of
the Revolutionary Struggle:

Nikos Maziotis: life, 126 years and a 20000 euro fine.
Pola Roupa: 11 years for the misdemeanors. The felonies will be tried if
and when she is arreseted.
Adonis Staboulos: 13 years.
Giorgos Petrakakos: 36 years and a 9000 euro fine.

It is the first time that the bombing of a bank (Bank of Greece) brings
a life sentence. Despite the fact that the appellate for the 1st trial
of the R.S. is underway, the transfer of comrade Maziotis from the
special wing of Koridallos prisons is imminent, as it has been leaked.
The political and physical isolation they attempt at the expense of the
political prisoners will not pass. we will be at the side of the armed
revolutionary organizations as well as those comrades accused of
integration in those. Authority will always find us in front of it.

Freedom to the political prisoners

Against the “anti-terrorist” legislation, factual solidarity.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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