>Accused A.L.F. “Lone Wolf” Denied Bail



Walter Bond pleads “not guilty”, judge orders him held without bail until trial
In a court appearance today in Colorado, Walter Edmund Bond, the accused A.L.F. “Lone Wolf”, pleaded “not guilty” to charges he burned down a Sheepskin Factory store in April. The fire did $500,000 in damages to the uninsured building and its contents.
The judge also ordered Bond held without bail until trial.
Bond is also a suspect in two other Animal Liberation Front arsons: the Tandy Leather Factory arson in Salt Lake City ($20,000 damages), and foie gras restaurant Tiburon in Sandy, Utah ($10,000 damages).
The average federal case takes 14 months to run its course. It is expected Bond will be held for the duration of his case. Please send letters of support to Walter Bond in jail:
Walter Edmund Bond
PO Box 16700
Golden, CO 80402-6700
– Peter Young
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