Italy – Anarchist Chiara Zenobi is free!


Italy – Chiara is free!
After Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, Chiara is also free at last. Her release was more complicated than that of her three comrades: in fact, revocation of house arrest by the judges of the Tribunal in Turin came a few days after the judges of the Appeal Court in L’Aquila annulled the Special Surveillance order inflicted on her last September.
The judges in Abruzzo acknowledged that there was lack of territorial jurisdiction in the police chief of Teramo’s request for detention, given that most ‘improper behaviour’ justifying Chiara’s Special Surveillance order had been committed in Turin.
And on the theme of court news, here is the latest on the judicial disputes caused by the resistance to a police raid in February in 2015. First of all, the sentence against Erika, Paolo, Luigi, Marco and Toshi: Erika was acquitted whereas the four other comrades were sentenced to seven months, which they have already entirely served in jail. Another four comrades who had been banned from Turin following the same resistance are now allowed to go back to the city awaiting their trial due on 14th June.
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Translated by act for freedom now

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