Disciplinary punishment and isolation for refusing the transfer of Panagiotis Aspiotis – Greece


Urgent. Update from Koridallos prisons.
Disciplinary punishment and isolation for refusing the transfer of
On March 31st, eight correctional employees accompanied by the sergeant
of Koridallos prisons, with particular violence and carrying handcuffs,
raided the cell where anarchists A.Staboulos, T.Theofilou and P.Aspiotis
are held, in order to force P.Aspiotis to transfer to Navplio prisons.
After Aspiotis resisted making clear that he will not obey this vengeful
order for his transfer, because he must remain in Koridallos so he can
get visits with his family and specifically with his 3 month old
daughter, the correctional employees left.
Today, March 4th , the supervisor prosecutor of Koridallos prisons
mrs.Victoria E.Marsioni summoned all three of them to answer to the
charges of disobedience, threatening and violence against the members of
the prison staff and swearing against prison staff, of which two were
acquitted and P.Aspiotis was sent to five days of isolation for the
charges of disobedience and threatening against members of the prison
According to the order of prosecutor Victoria E. Marsioni the punishment
will be enforced in Navplio prisons obviously so there is not a new
scandal concerning the disgusting situation of the disciplinary cells of
Koridallos and which had been revealed two years ago and nothing has
Panagiotis remains in Koridallos so far and states he has decided to not
accept his transfer.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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